Massimo Petrossi was born in Trieste in 1974. He collaborated in photographic and multimedia productions with many public and private institutions of various types (Tourism Promotion, Historic Castles, Highways, Malls, Chambers of Commerce and others).

After literary studies, he began a degree course at the Faculty of Engineering. Soon he understood that "electronic engineering is not software engineering", then - despite his first work experience (1997) was in photography - in january 1999 opened his own IT consulting and support firm. Fascinated by photography and cinema, he has been involved in many productions by RAI; for its customers creates multimedia presentations, working as a cameraman and audio-video editor, closely with Roberta Vlahov, journalist and documentary filmmaker from Trieste whose accomplishments have been appreciated in the whole world, and Valentino Vitrotti, from whom he learned the use of professional Betacam.

He never forgot the love for photography, inherited from his maternal aunt - aunt with whom he started to know, at the age of 12 years, the entire imaging process: from shooting to the development of the negative, up to the development of the pictures on paper... for that, love has returned to live after a long time of computer science.

Massimo lives and works in Trieste, always looking for exciting new collaborations.

He owns Bowens lighting equipments, able to set up shooting situations like in a studio, even "on the road".

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